X2go presentation in Munich

X2go will be presented during „Projektübergreifende Open-Source-Treffen“ in Munich. The presentation will start about 17 ‚o clock on November 20th and we’ll answer questions regarding X2go. If you’ll have the chance to visit this event, feel free to do so. Besides X2go there will be other open source talks too.

…working on a new Windows Client

In the last weeks we’ve been working on a new version of the Windows Version of X2goclient. In future X2goclient will include the X-server and not install a whole xming environment. Only needed items will be part of install package and you won’t need user interaction to get the components running.

By default the SSHD will be running in userspace, which will prevent the occurence of the problem of unset access control list options. Furthermore Usernames with white space and exoticc letters will be possible to use x2goclient even if they are part of a windows domain.

Because of the number of changes we will give you soon access to the beta version of this client. We hope to invite you to test this client at the end of next week.

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X2go on Linuxday in Dornbirn

LinuxDay 2009

LinuxDay 2009

As last year X2go will be part of the Linuxday Austria in Dornbirn. X2goserver-home can be seen on the ubuntu booth, a complete X2gosystem with PXE-Boot, LDAP and SmartCard Auth will be presented on the X2go booth. There will be a lighning talk too. If you plan to visit this Event, please visit us on our booth.

Visit x2go in Bottrop (7th and 8th November)



Hello Weblog visitors. If you wan’t to see x2go in action or if you have questions about it, you’ll have soon the chance to visit our booth in Bottrop.  The Event is named „OpenRheinRuhr“ – you can visit their pages here (http://www.openrheinruhr.de/).

If you wan’t to give x2go a try before this, you’re invited to follow a fine little manual on ProLinux (http://www.pro-linux.de/berichte/x2go-ubuntu.html).

After the survey about desktop virtualizations shows that it is important for you to let the users have access to their own devices, please use the comment feature of this blog to let us know which devices are needed! This would be a great help.

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Can a terminal server be part of „desktop virtualization“?

The number of emails with the subject „desktop virtualization“ is increasing. All of them asking for a „one virtual machine  for one user“ model. A terminal server normally can handle more than one user on one machine and linux really has great tools to respect different wishes of different users on one system. With limits you can control the cpu usage etc…

Surly you can use both models with x2go and yes – we are working on virtual machine integration – but: is a terminal server a valid solution for desktop virtualisation?

Feel free to comment on this topic or visit our survey page:

getting into debian (the first small steps)


after meeting the Skolelinux people again, we are planning to get  x2go components into debian. This of cause is a goal which can’t be achieved without a lot of work to be done. Our first step will be „building a x2goclient Perl module“ and getting it into CPAN. If you wan’t to follow the progess, you can join our development mailing list.

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x2go mascot

mascot on mozilla personas

This is not a technical post on this blog, but maybe you’d like to know: Our little mascot can now be found on mozilla personas too:


restarting our website….

Hello x2go users,

we are working on our website. After restarting it a year ago in german and english, we discovered how much time needs to be spent on a good internet presentation describing the project and giving you the help to start with x2go. At the moment it is impossible for us to take care on both languages and so we’ve decided to change to one preferred language.

As we discovered an increasing number of international guests on our site, we will focus our work on the english part of the website.

To get help with x2go, please use our mailinglists x2go-dev and x2go-usage:


We still have a web forum but it we’ve received a lot of complaints about the usability. If possible try to ask your questions in english.

You can still get in direct contact with us via our web form. But maybe it is a good idea to share your ideas an problems with our growing community.

A complete installation manual can be found here:


best regards,