x2go presentation in munich (09-22-2010)

Following an invitation of the xing group Linux-Stammtisch-Muenchen x2go will be presented in Munich on 09-22-2010 (Wednesday). If you wan’t to visit this Event, you’ll can do this for free by visiting the rooms of Unionsbraeu Munich. As our presentation is just one of a bunch of topics like red hat’s spice, this might be an interesting event.

5th place on Thomas Krenn’s OSS competition

We are very happy to announce that we’ll receive project aid as a result of a OSS competition initiated by Thomas Krenn (a german hardware manufacturer). Thank you very much to everybody having choosen us! You can read more about this here. We’ll use the accessible hardware for testing purpose – especially for our x2goplugin.!

Linuxtag 2010

phoca on linuxtag 2010

phoca on linuxtag 2010

Thank you for visiting our booth on Linuxtag and our talk at minidebconf (debian). This Linuxtag we’ve showed the visitors the features of the upcomming release like the new “x2goplugin” or the “desktop sharing” feature. Now we’ll try to finish our work on the new release so you can use it soon. Our little “phoca” was a highlight of our booth and often photographed…

x2go on Linuxtag 2010 in Berlin

Linuxtag 2010

Linuxtag 2010

You’ll find our booth inside the 7.2a hall as part of the education area. We would be glad if you’ll visit us and give us feedback about our project. There will be a talk (friday 15 o’clock) as part of the Debian MiniConf too (http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/Miniconf-LT-Berlin/2010).

Linuxtag is a great event and worth a visit. You’ll be able to get in contact with the people behind the projects.

x2go talk in munich

Open Source Treffenx2go will can be seen again on the Open Source Treffen in Munich. We will present the new plugin and the features of the upcomming release “baikal” (3.1). The Open Source Treffen Event will be on Mai 28th. If you’re interested to visit this reocurring event in Munich, please visit their website.

blog. instead of /blog

We’ve changed the url of the blog – so please update your Bookmarks.
The new url is: http://blog.x2go.org
This change will help us to move our blog to other servers and to keep the addresses of our sites short an generic.

Voice over IP via X2go

The latest changes on our Pulseaudio implementation are making it possible to use Voice Over IP applications. This is a short demonstration with the new Nokia N900 phone (we could test this device only for a very short period of time). This will work on more common setups like desktop clients too.

For anybody new to X2go – this video shows a client application which makes it possible to connect to a remote desktop. After the the connection is established you’ll see a kde 3.5 Desktop which is running on a remote machine – not local. The started voip application also runs on the server machine. What you hear at the end of the video is the recorded output of the server side voip application.

best regards,


X2goclient 3.01-4 for Windows (ready for roll out)

Hello X2gousers,

after more than 2 weeks testing, we recommend to update the windows client to version 3.01-4. If you still need to use a X-server other than the build in, please let us know. The combination of X-server and X2goclient in one package solved some individual installation and configuration problems.

best regards,


X2goclient 3.01-4 for Windows (ready for testing)

logo variation 2009

logo variation 2009

Hello X2go users,

as promised we are introducing a new X2goclient for Windows today. Even if the version number is a bit of boring (the number is related to the update of all other X2go packages) this is really a big step of this piece of software. The most interesting changes are:

  • Windows 7 users can now install (and use) X2goclient for Windows
  • exotic (really exotic!) usernames can now use x2goclient
  • As X2goclient now contains an X-Server build from sources the installer of Xming is no longer part of this package
  • PulseAudio is now nativly build for X2goclient
  • sshd will not be started as system daemon any more
  • every X2coclient process starts a own Version of X, ssh and PulseAudio.
  • the session dpi can be adopted to the local display
  • for printing and viewing PDFs (X2goprint) it’s now possible to use the windows default PDF viewer application with winapi function “ShellExec” (If you use this option you won’t need ghostscript any more)

If you’d like to test it, please send us your opinion and discovered bugs. Please remove previously installed x2goclients and xmings (if you don’t need it any longer). A whole list of changes will be postet to our mailinglist.

Xgoclient 3.01-4 can be downloaded here:



Heinz & Alex

X2go presentation in Munich

X2go will be presented during “Projektübergreifende Open-Source-Treffen” in Munich. The presentation will start about 17 ‘o clock on November 20th and we’ll answer questions regarding X2go. If you’ll have the chance to visit this event, feel free to do so. Besides X2go there will be other open source talks too.