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x2go presentation in munich (09-22-2010)

Following an invitation of the xing group Linux-Stammtisch-Muenchen x2go will be presented in Munich on 09-22-2010 (Wednesday). If you wan’t to visit this Event, you’ll can do this for free by visiting the rooms of Unionsbraeu Munich. As our presentation is just one of a bunch of topics like red hat’s spice, this might be an interesting event.

Can a terminal server be part of „desktop virtualization“?

The number of emails with the subject „desktop virtualization“ is increasing. All of them asking for a „one virtual machine  for one user“ model. A terminal server normally can handle more than one user on one machine and linux really has great tools to respect different wishes of different users on one system. With limits you can control the cpu usage etc…

Surly you can use both models with x2go and yes – we are working on virtual machine integration – but: is a terminal server a valid solution for desktop virtualisation?

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