Co-operation between Canonical, X2Go, Edubuntu and in Denmark

On the last Ubuntu Developer Summit (autumn 2012 in Copenhagen) a customer of mine ( arranged a meeting among people from Canonical,, Edubuntu and X2Go (presented by me). Thanks to the CEO of (Kjetil Fleten) for making this meeting possible.


The quest is: how can X2Go become part of a Thinclient solution based on Ubuntu. In Ubuntu 12.10 it has become possible to seamlessly integrate RDP or Citrix based applications (running on MS Windows servers) into the Ubuntu Desktop (via the Remote Login feature). This is not yet possible for Linux applications running on Linux servers. We are at the edge of making this possible in the future.


After a one hour meeting the first steps of a cooperation between Canonical and X2Go had been taken. The plan is to provide an X2Go/PyHoca Client (probably based on Python X2Go) integration into the Remote Login concept of Ubuntu, so that also Linux Terminal Server sessions based on X2Go can be in the product portfolio of Canonical partner companies (and others) deploying X2Go in cloud scenarios.


The first communication on this new subproject of X2Go will take place this week. If you have any question on this journey, please feel free to contact us via our mailing list: (subscription URL:






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