Qt (>=4.8, and possibly other) applications regained window decorations (bug fix release of nxagent/x2goagent)

Today Alex and I could eliminate another bug (introduced by ourselves) in nxagent/x2goagent. A new release of NX redistributed ( has been prepared today.


A couple of applications had lost their window decorations when launched in rootless mode (rootless = single window sessions). This issue occurs if the server is Debian wheezy or newer (for FreeNX also reports exist on the web that refer to the problem having been introduced with Ubuntu 10.10). Mostly affected were Qt applications.


@FreeNX developers: Please note, this bug is also present in current FreeNX nx-X11 code (as found on Launchpad). We have removed the following patch from our patchset to get this fixed:


Still open issue:
Unfortunately, there is still no fix for the resume problem in current nx-X11.


The Debian+Ubuntu packages of this NX (redistributed) release are already available in the known (http://wiki.x2go.org/doku.php/download:start) repositories.





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