New X2Go releases: x2goclient, pyhoca-gui, pyhoca-cli, python-x2go


The X2Go Project is proud to announce a couple of new X2Go component releases:

  • x2goclient (
  • pyhoca-gui (
  • pyhoca-cli (
  • python-x2go (

All new packages will be available in our stable repositories (Debian,   Ubuntu) within the next 24h.


The Mac OS version of x2goclient will be available within the next couple of days, the Windows client takes a little more time due to heavy workload on the developers‘ side.


Sources and binary releases will be downloadable under this URL as  soon as they are provided by the packagers.


I personally am very proud to be able to present a long-waited-for major release of Python X2Go and PyHoca-GUI. Thanks to Dick Kniep ( for sponsoring this piece of software.


The latest API documentation of Python X2Go can be read here:


Note: for Python X2Go, PyHoca-GUI and PyHoca-CLI, there has been a license change with this release. The three projects since are versioned under the GNU Affero General Public License 3 (or higher) / AGPL-3+.





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