x2go on Linuxtag 2010 in Berlin

Linuxtag 2010

Linuxtag 2010

You’ll find our booth inside the 7.2a hall as part of the education area. We would be glad if you’ll visit us and give us feedback about our project. There will be a talk (friday 15 o’clock) as part of the Debian MiniConf too (http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/Miniconf-LT-Berlin/2010).

Linuxtag is a great event and worth a visit. You’ll be able to get in contact with the people behind the projects.



7 Responses to “x2go on Linuxtag 2010 in Berlin”

  1. Gravatar of jum jum
    14. Juni 2010 at 11:44

    Please provide openSuse

  2. Gravatar of h1 h1
    16. Juni 2010 at 06:59


    We do not provide packages directly, but I’ve found two sides which may help you:

    best regards,


  3. Gravatar of gml gml
    17. Juni 2010 at 13:55


    i would like to know where the source code of the server is ?


  4. Gravatar of h1 h1
    17. Juni 2010 at 15:02


    you can find the source of all x2go packages inside our repository:


    The tar.gz of the x2goserver can be found here:


    best regards,


  5. Gravatar of gml gml
    17. Juni 2010 at 17:21

    Oh, thank you, i was stupid.

    I’ve already opened those package, but didn’t see any extension and concluded that was binary packages.

    I’m currently working on a really big project in France, and I think x2go is the best solution (far better than freenx for server and the official nxclient for client), but access to the source is really important for us.

    BTW, when do you think x2goplugin will be usable ? (I really need it, and if you want we could host a test server as you requested elsewhere.)

  6. Gravatar of h1 h1
    17. Juni 2010 at 17:35

    We are really trying to get the new packages available as fast as possible. Maby it is a good idea to get a member of our mailing list. A lot of things are discussed there and some other project have posted their experiences. Good luck with your project!

  7. Gravatar of gml gml
    17. Juni 2010 at 17:58

    I’m already a member of the mailing list ­čÖé
    I think i will use it soon, because i can’t log into my desktop with x2go anymore.

    Thanks for all your work !