Voice over IP via X2go

The latest changes on our Pulseaudio implementation are making it possible to use Voice Over IP applications. This is a short demonstration with the new Nokia N900 phone (we could test this device only for a very short period of time). This will work on more common setups like desktop clients too.

For anybody new to X2go – this video shows a client application which makes it possible to connect to a remote desktop. After the the connection is established you’ll see a kde 3.5 Desktop which is running on a remote machine – not local. The started voip application also runs on the server machine. What you hear at the end of the video is the recorded output of the server side voip application.

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19 Responses to “Voice over IP via X2go”

  1. Gravatar of Eli Eli
    20. Dezember 2009 at 10:23

    I can’t believe that you’ll use proprietary software as an example. As a result I’ll change back to freeNX with my 4 own and 12 customer machines.

  2. Gravatar of h1 h1
    30. Dezember 2009 at 21:28

    We’ve received a lot of feature request with exactly this application name. With the video, we wanted to show that this use case is now possible. Of cause the bidirectional sound can be used by any other application too. Maybe it would be a good idea to show features in future with the help of open source applications.

  3. Gravatar of Eli Eli
    22. Dezember 2009 at 11:11

    Das kann man übrigens mit FreeNX schon ganz lange!

  4. Gravatar of M. M.
    23. Dezember 2009 at 16:23

    Hello Eli,

    does the old FreeNX work by now? I haven’t seen a really working example… Nowhere.

    Thanks, X2go folks, this is really great work you are doing!

  5. Gravatar of M. M.
    23. Dezember 2009 at 16:28

    Hello Eli again,

    At least I tried many times, but I was not able to get FreeNX up and running, and there was almost no support for it. X2go seems to me the most promising solution, apart from Nomachine’s commercial implementation.

  6. Gravatar of cougarmaster cougarmaster
    28. Dezember 2009 at 00:28

    After so much head banging and kick in the nuts with FreeNX. On local lan the streaming video and audio was so AMAZING!! Its like sitting in front of a local computer, but when on the internet its not so great. Though from the internet the speed of printing and desktop was surprisingly smooth! Maybe need new compression for audio and video hehe 🙂 Thanks for a great solution hope it’ll be free always 🙂

  7. Gravatar of cougarmaster cougarmaster
    28. Dezember 2009 at 09:11

    Will there be support for multi monitors?

  8. Gravatar of h1 h1
    30. Dezember 2009 at 21:22

    This is a requested feature. We will work on multi monitor support, but maybe this will take some time…

  9. Gravatar of KindofBlue KindofBlue
    31. Dezember 2009 at 12:40

    Where can I find this port on maemo5?

  10. Gravatar of h1 h1
    31. Dezember 2009 at 12:48

    Hello KindofBlue,
    The client seen in the video was just a port of x2goclient for Maemo 4. The gui had some problems as seen in the video and it is not „touch proof“ (to be controlled by fingers). It will take some time for us, to get x2goclient „really“ ported to maemo5, which means that we will not build a package containing the old one. You can find the diablo sources and packages here (http://www.x2go.org/deb/pool-diablo/x2goclient/) if you wan’t to try it with the old one.

  11. Gravatar of KindofBlue KindofBlue
    31. Dezember 2009 at 13:00

    Hello h1,
    How did you work around the depencies problem with the qt libs ?
    When do you expect the new maemo5 package ?


  12. Gravatar of h1 h1
    31. Dezember 2009 at 13:23

    Hello KindofBlue,
    at the moment we’re working on some new features (session shadowing,…) of x2go, which will make some changes of x2goclient too. I think it’ll take some time because we don’t have our own N900 (the shown device is owned by LinuxNewMedia) and we’ve discovered some differences in the look&feel (only Qt applictions) between the real device and the SDK. The shown „old“ x2goclient was compiled for Maemo.

  13. Gravatar of KindofBlue KindofBlue
    31. Dezember 2009 at 14:13

    Hello h1,
    It sounds interesting, session shadowing is one of the main advantages of NoMachine.
    I can’t help you with development at the moment, but I have a N900 and I could test a new package for you.


  14. Gravatar of cougarmaster cougarmaster
    1. Januar 2010 at 22:48

    Will the windows x2goclient be able to stream media as only the startup sound and some types of sound file can stream and video without sound can stream. One more question will x2go be able to support windows RDP?

  15. Gravatar of h1 h1
    5. Januar 2010 at 19:52

    You’re able to access rdp server over the „rdp tunneling“ option of x2goclient. You’ve just to change the session preferences to „rdp connection“. x2goclient can playback anything using pulseaudio on the server. If the application isn’t configured to use pulseaudio, you can change the used sound daemon, but I would recommend pulseaudio.

  16. Gravatar of the2nd the2nd
    4. Januar 2010 at 14:48

    looks promising. if i can help with testing x2goclient on maemo5 let me know. my n900 is waiting for new stuff 😉

  17. Gravatar of h1 h1
    5. Januar 2010 at 19:58

    Thank you for your offered help regarding Maemo5. It will take us some time to get back to Maemo development (after all changes are made to x2goclient). Maybe you should have a look on the mailinglist to keep up to date.

  18. Gravatar of cougarmaster cougarmaster
    6. Januar 2010 at 16:28

    Thanks for the answer and yes the RDP function works. Will the sound and video be further enhanced for viewing over the internet or it will still be more for local lan useage? Cause been trying skype over the internet and it is in bits and pieces even with a hispeed internet connection. The speed at the server is 4MB/4MB and the client is 3.2MB/2MB.

  19. Gravatar of cougarmaster cougarmaster
    15. Januar 2010 at 12:54

    I have a problem is that I have nxserver installed in the same server as x2go. After comparing the nxclient is much faster than when using x2go. Is there something wrong or I missed something in the x2go config? I used the x2goserver-home installation. The server is a Ubuntu 9.04.