restarting our website….

Hello x2go users,

we are working on our website. After restarting it a year ago in german and english, we discovered how much time needs to be spent on a good internet presentation describing the project and giving you the help to start with x2go. At the moment it is impossible for us to take care on both languages and so we’ve decided to change to one preferred language.

As we discovered an increasing number of international guests on our site, we will focus our work on the english part of the website.

To get help with x2go, please use our mailinglists x2go-dev and x2go-usage:

We still have a web forum but it we’ve received a lot of complaints about the usability. If possible try to ask your questions in english.

You can still get in direct contact with us via our web form. But maybe it is a good idea to share your ideas an problems with our growing community.

A complete installation manual can be found here:

best regards,




2 Responses to “restarting our website….”

  1. Gravatar of Ano Ano
    5. Oktober 2009 at 11:52

    Hi there,
    I think it´s quite nice that you are about to relaunch the webiste and documentary stuff and so on, but whats not really clear to me now is. Will there be a seperate forum which is more useable in the near future?? Would be nice to have a little community to talk to via Forum.

    Great work so far.


  2. Gravatar of h1 h1
    5. Oktober 2009 at 12:26

    Depending what you are intend to communicate, there will be 2 different ways of communication. First of all – if you wan’t to address the project itself directly or you wan’t to contribute, you’ll invited to use the mailinglists. We’ve been asked about concentrating the communication on this technic (mailinglist) by an amount of contributing people (thanks guys for helping us!!!). A lot of major oss projects are organized by mailinglists and I really think this is the best solution.
    But besides the website and the mailinglists, we’ve created this blog. I’ll take your comment as a proof of concept, because you told us your thoughs about our work (thank you!). We’ll go on posting our thoughts on the project here, so everybody can comment it.
    After the relaunch is complete, we’ll think about an forum based on generic software, which would make it easier for you and us to navigate through the posts. The forum will be somehow more intend to be a platform for user communication and installation help. Wishes and technical stuff should really be posted on the mailinglists.